Millennial Women: You Are Amazing

Dear Millennial women,

You are amazing.

I have absolutely no doubt that through your actions and ambitions, you are changing the world for the better. For so many different reasons, you are a positive force that the world will soon be required to recognize. Let me tell you why:

You are independent.

Unlike previous generations, you are resolute to become completely self-reliant. Rather than following an already well-traveled, predetermined life path set forth by your mothers and grandmothers (i.e., education, work, marriage, motherhood), you are harnessing today’s flexible and technological society to create your own path. You can, and will, shape your own future.

You are fighters.

In the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression, millennial women have steeled their resolve to find success. In the face of worldwide economic hardship, you have become the most highly educated generation of women in all of history. The modern Millennial woman is a true trailblazer – unafraid of hard work, entrepreneurship and risk. Many of you work and go to college while managing to handle two or three side hustles. Some of you even do this while raising a child or two. That’s incredible.

You are revolutionaries.

Through your efforts, you have closed the gender wage gap to the narrowest it has been in history, and you’re not even close to done yet. You resist the status quo by offering and implementing bold and challenging ideals. You have high expectations of yourselves and society. However, what separates you from past generations is that your expectations are met with action – you are not the type to sit idly by, waiting for someone else to change society’s problems, especially those problems affecting women’s issues. You are a generation of quiet rebels bound to preside over a new, non-traditional and rewarding existence unlike any generation of women have ever seen.

You are leaders.

You have gifts, passions, and a resolve to utilize them to enrich the lives of others around you. They are leadership capabilities that drive your creativity to generate positive, powerful results. Your leadership will unlock new ideas, visions, and approaches to business, society, philanthropy, and whatever else you decide to take on. You have what it takes to lead a powerful force for positive change.

So, what do you have to say about all the stereotypes surrounding you, millennial women? The so-called “experts” seem to think that you are all cynical, entitled, deluded narcissists.


Not you.

Use their ignorance to ignite your resolve. Let their opinions fuel your fire. Success is your revenge.






3 thoughts on “Millennial Women: You Are Amazing

  1. As a Gen-Xer, let me just say that Millennials have more than proven that they are just as dedicated, focused, creative and enterprising as all earlier Generations. As for “Millennial Women,” my view remains the same for them and all women, which is to say that Humanity’s progress will always be limited until women are treated as equals!

    • Good points, Neil. One thing that is good to see is that Millennial Men are becoming more and more concerned with the equality issue now. I see no reason why this generation will not overcome the gender equality issue, especially as it relates to education and the workplace. Thanks for your input!

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